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50 Th

An evening event to celebrate fifty years of activity.

The Grand Hotel in Rimini as a setting, the Tecn clay in Rimini as an opportunity to gather around itself customers and collaborators, and those who in this half century have made Manfredini & Schianchi, a leading company in technologies for the preparation of raw materials, great.

«And the Grand Hotel, which has a history and tradition that makes it a place known everywhere, is related to our company, which in its small way in this half century – says Alessandro Manfredini – has been able to establish itself on international markets».

Fifty years of company, fifty years of success: «We have developed technologies that we began working on in the Seventies, we have evolved them keeping in mind the need for the industry to reduce costs and environmental impact.

We have always worked thinking about machines that were at the service of the tile and not vice versa, and here we are. And when they tell me that fifty years have passed since the company was born, I am reminded of what our elders used to say, that half a century is the yawn of a duckling."

Umberto Manfredini, who together with Gianfranco Schianchi founded the Sassuolo company, says it in dialect (to the sabbadac of a nader) and artfully exaggerates, because popular wisdom, in measuring fifty years of history in a yawn, does not reflect complete justice to the path undertaken by a company that has managed to carve out a role of absolute pre-eminence in the panorama of global ceramic production.

A circumstance also confirmed on the occasion of the Rimini event, with a marked presence of foreign producers «who today – says Fabio Schianchi, administrative manager of the group – are our market.

The Italian one doesn't give us much, nowadays, but abroad, and especially the emerging countries, reward our technology and we see it year after year". Attention to the environment, innovation, widespread presence on foreign markets are the chapters along which another story of excellence unfolds, born in the ceramic district and capable of changing with it and with the global economic and production panorama.

«This event rightly celebrates what has been done so far, but it also aims to be a basis from which to continue looking forward», says Stefano Schianchi, sales manager of Manfredini & Schianchi, who continues his research through those cornerstones that they made fortunes.

«Sustainability and energy saving: we – says Daniele Schianchi, production manager – have always believed in it and our technology, today, obtains results that reward it in terms of turnover and presence on the market.

We have never believed that wet grinding could or should be a winning card for the future: we thought so, perhaps wrongly, even when energy costs were not those of today, we still think so today that we are leaders in dry technology".

The result is a solid and dynamic company, which looks forward without forgetting its past. «An era has passed, compared to fifty years ago: the market has changed and the prospects have changed with the market», says Stefano Schianchi again, while Fabio Schianchi, administrative manager of the Sassuolo company, underlines how an achievement like half a century of activity also represents a responsibility.

«That of picking up the legacy that our parents left us, growing, together with the company, what I like to see as a dream in which we can continue to believe. Markets and customers reward our export vocation and our technology, and we have growing recognition of this every year.

Ten years ago we celebrated our fortieth anniversary with a company that had its own greatness, today we celebrate our fiftieth anniversary with a company that has doubled its size and we have never stopped growing, demonstrating that the growth path we have undertaken was right .

The next stop? The next fiftieth anniversary, why not... maybe our children will be there, and we will be older, but that's it: the important thing is to keep alive what was our parents' dream and in which it is our duty to continue to believe ».











Al Maha

sources: Muscat Daily


Ce.Per.SA (CERAMICOS PERUANOS SA) company of Grupo Ladrillos Piramide located in the industrial district of Carabayllo, a leading company in Peru for over 38 years in the production of exposed bricks, tiles and blocos, has decided to rely on Manfredini and Schianchi with regards to the dry raw material preparation technology.

The supply will include 2 MAXI-PIG hammer mills and 8 MS/10/265-BRUMS-EVO screens.

The MAXI-PIG mills were chosen for their potential to grind any type of ceramic material with input dimensions up to 90mm, while the latest generation pneumatic sieves with BRUMS heads, for being able to produce 30% more compared to the same with traditional electromechanical heads.

The plant supplied has a total production capacity of 100 tons/h, with a separation cut of 1,5mm.

Thanks to the grinding action of the MAXI.PIG and the interaction with the MS sieves, the Peruvian factory managed to completely eliminate the calcium carbonate impurities that were present in the extruded products of their previous production, consequently improving the quality of the product in terms of resistance and productivity in the ovens.

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Gol Ceram

Manfredini e Schianchi srl, has completed the supply of a MOLOMAX pendulum mill which will enhance the preparation of raw materials, with "Drytech" technology for the production of tiles, bricks and tiles for outdoor coverings, at an Iranian company TAZAMONI MERIKHIPOUR & CO, near the city of Isfahan.

The plant will have a capacity of 25 tons/h for the production of a ceramic mixture composed of a mix of several clays designed in synergy between the customer and the M&S technological center.

The system supplied by M&S is equipped with a MOLOMAX MS-6/230-AIR Pendulum Mill complete with a 70.000 Nmc process filter.

The MOLOMAX will be able to accept clays with a humidity of up to 10%, with an input size of up to 30mm and is able to obtain a 95% separation cut below 0,2mm.

Thanks to this industrial initiative, Tazamoni Merichipour & Co positions itself as a point of reference in Iran in terms of technological-economic innovation for the production of extruded products with high aesthetic value and added value.


Usak Seramik SAN AS is a very important Turkish company in the production of high-value tiles with high added value, located right in the city of Usak.

The new dry raw material preparation plant was recently inaugurated which will have to satisfy a daily production of 35.000 m60 of flooring plus single-fired and double-fired coverings with formats of up to 60xXNUMX.

In the system supplied by M&S, primary grinding takes place with the PIGHD mill, while the granulation phase is managed by the FORGIA MS38, which is the most widespread wetting machine in the ceramic world that uses dry technology.

The most important part of this plant is the new MOLOMAX 6/500 pendulum mill, capable of producing 30 tons/h with a separation cut of less than 63 microns to guarantee an extremely smooth surface of the final product and therefore ideal for the application of the digital technology and super-gloss enamels.

Another very important advantage in using the MOLOMAX 6/500 mill is that of being able to grind raw materials with a high humidity content, thus bringing dry grinding to countries where, due to climatic causes, clays are very humid.

The MOLOMAX 6/500 was presented for the first time two years ago at the Tecn clay fair in Rimini and was an immediate success in terms of production yield and grinding quality.

Usak Seramik



Gol Ceram

GOLCERAM Tile Company, one of the most important ceramic producers in Iran, has created, in collaboration with M&S, a dry preparation plant for the production of single-fired red body tiles.

This system will make full use of M&S DRY-TECH technology; the primary grinding will be entrusted to a PIG-HD hammer mill which will feed a MOLOMAX 6/230-AIR Pendulum Mill, all in order to guarantee a production of over 30 t/h of very high quality ceramic body.

The agglomeration of this mixture will be entrusted to two FORGIA MS38 Granulators and the entire production will be used to feed 2 lines which will have to satisfy the production of 35.000 mXNUMX per day.

In addition to the complete "turnkey" system supplied by M&S, all the presses will be equipped with M&S rotary screens (patented technology) which will guarantee both ideal homogenisation and perfect loading of the material to the press.

Also in this case, the composition of the ceramic mixture is the result of research carried out by the M&S technological laboratory. The economic savings obtained by choosing M&S technology will allow an economic return on the investment calculated in one year.

Today in this country, considering that the cost of electricity, gas and above all water has quadrupled in the space of a few years, dry technology is the only absolute certainty for producing tiles at low cost and with zero environmental impact.

Also thanks to this very important achievement, M&S confirms itself as the most important supplier of dry technology in Iran.


THAI CERAMIC Co, a leading company in the Asian market and part of the group SIAM CEMENT GROUP, the second largest producer of ceramic tiles in the world (source Ceramic World Review 06/2011), has commissioned Manfredini & Schianchi to create a DRY TECH "dry" preparation plant for the production of glazed porcelain stoneware.

The heart of the plant will be the new MOLOMAX 6/230 PENDULAR MILLS, thanks to which it is possible to obtain extremely fine grain size cuts (in this case 0% residue >44 microns), high production and above all the possibility of using raw materials with high content of humidity, which is impossible with alternative grinding systems such as track mills and compression rollers.

With this further order, MANFREDINI & SCHIANCHI confirms itself as the main point of reference worldwide in the preparation of dry mixes, a technology chosen by the Thai Ceramic group as it is able to guarantee a strong reduction in costs in terms of electricity consumption and thermal, irrelevant CO2 emissions into the atmosphere and, in this way, being able to give the final product the "Eco-Friendly Ceramics" brand.

Santa Julia Mexico


Molomax pendular mill 6/500

Just under two years after its presentation, the MOLOMAX 6-500 Pendulum Mill is already the technological point of reference in the dry grinding sector.

Manfredini & Schianchi has already installed several machines of this type in its dry preparation plants (in Turkey, Iran, Mexico and Brazil) for pressed and extruded ceramics with the following results:

  • Productivity up to 55 ton/hr,
  • Thermal efficiency: <500 kcal/lt (up to 12 points less humidity)
  • Electricity consumption: <20 kW/ton.

Manfredini & Schianchi demonstrates once again that its leadership in terms of number of references and customer satisfaction in dry preparation for ceramics is not a coincidence but is the result of constant research into innovation and the ability to "listen" and "understand" the market which increasingly demands the supply of functional and eco-sustainable technologies.


Santa Julia ceramic, an important Mexican ceramic group located in the city of Puebla, has commissioned the renovation of its raw material preparation plant to Manfredini & Schianchi through the installation of the Dry-Tech dry preparation line.

The plant supplied by M&S replaces the previous one equipped with technology with a vertical mill, track and rollers and gooseneck granulator now considered obsolete in the ceramic industry.

The primary grinding takes place with the PIG-HD mill, which in the pre-grinding phase is able to obtain 60% of fine material ready for the granulation-dosing phase.

However, the lion's share in this plant is played by the new MOLOMAX 6-500 pendulum mill, capable of producing 35 tons/h at 150 mesh, with a committed power of 450 kW. The Forgia MS/38/F granulator (the most used granulation technology in the world in the pressed ceramic sector with "dry" bodies) together with the rotary screens installed in the press feeding, will allow Santa Julia de Mexico to produce large formats in floor single-fired tiles and high productivity with first choice percentages above 95%.

The technology also allows for a 35% saving in raw material transformation costs compared to the technology previously used with gooseneck granulator and vertical roller track mill.

Santa Julia Mexico



The important and historic Algerian brick producing group Groupe Bouras, has chosen M&S dry technology to increase and improve the quality of its products.

In fact, in the Setif plant, two important systems supplied by M&S, equipped with the latest Drytech-Heavy Clay grinding technologies, will come into operation in the next few months of 2012.

The first plant will have to produce bricks, blocks and blocks of various formats and dimensions. The plant, equipped with 5 MAXI-PIG-HD mills, equipped with a built-in heating system and a battery of high-efficiency MS screens with heating, will have to produce approximately 40 tons/hour of raw material.

The other plant will have to serve the new line for ventilated walls and special pieces and will have a production of 60 tons per day. The plant in question will be served by a PIG/A hammer mill and an MS-3/120 pendulum mill while the humidification phase will be managed via the MS2000 humidification system with automatic water control.

The system for recovering cooked waste with reintegration into the grinding process will also be provided: the waste is ground through the SLAMMER mill, equipped with adequate armor and with ground parts that are not subject to wear.

Through this latest investment, Groupe Bouras confirms itself as a leading company in the Algerian brick producers market.


Kowsar Sepahan Brick important Iranian company producing fine exposed bricks and special pieces of high aesthetic value, has decided to invest in M&S technology, purchasing the largest Pendulum Mill made by the Sassuolo company: the MOLOMAX MS-6/500.

The mill in question was presented for the first time last year, during the Tecn clay trade fair in Rimini, arousing enormous interest.

The machine has a height of 9,5 meters, a total weight of 50 tons while the 6 pendulums have a diameter of 700 mm and a weight of 1,5 tons/each, it has a track of 2500 mm in diameter and is equipped with a motor that uses 400 kW of power.

The MOLOMAX MS-6/500 pendulum mill has a production capacity of 50 tons/h with separation cuts below 0,350 mm and the ability to grind clays with humidity up to 12%.

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