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Our M.et.LAB laboratory, currently in the process of requesting institutional accreditation from the high-tech network of Emilia Romagna and connected to international academic institutes, is the department that guides our work in the first steps.
This is where the dialogue with our customers begins, in order to achieve the best and most cost-effective ceramic results with the careful study of their raw materials.

Pilot Plant

This ultimate achievement in research and development allows us to industrially reproduce all raw material processing stages from laboratory studies.

3D Pilot Plant


This price list lists the services that the M.et Lab. Laboratory carries out upon request of third parties in its laboratory and pilot plant.
The listed rates include the execution of the tests, the processing of experimental data and the issuing of a test report.

The figures indicated in this price list, unless otherwise explicitly established, refer to the execution of a single test, or cycle of tests (when comparison is required) up to a maximum of 5 kg of analyzed material/sample.

For tests and investigations not provided for in this price list, once the request has been received, a cost estimate will be prepared in advance and submitted to the Client, the acceptance of which will be binding for both parties.

In relation to the possibility that large orders or services of particular interest are assigned to M.et Lab, the Technical Director will have the right to apply preferential rates in addition to what is reported in this price list. All prices shown in this Price List are net of VAT

For tests to be carried out off-site, the costs incurred by the staff for carrying out the mission must be added to the cost of the test, which include the staff's hourly commitment, transport, insurance costs, food and accommodation in the case of multi-day trips, and any materials whose purchase is necessary to carry out the tests.

These costs will be calculated analytically and when possible, communicated in advance to the Client. The request for the execution of tests at M.et Lab, to be carried out by means of an order signed by the Client, commits the Client to the acceptance of the following general rules:

  • The samples for testing must be sent to M.et Lab, free of charge, to the following address: M.et Lab. Via Dallari 2 41049 Sassuolo (MO)
  • M.et Lab is not responsible for material not delivered to this location or for failures and deteriorations that occur before their delivery.
  • M.et Lab. reserves the right to reject those samples which, in its opinion, do not meet the requirements to guarantee the regularity of the test results.
  • The requested experiments will be carried out according to the order of receipt by M.et Lab of the written request, therefore M.et Lab does not assume commitments for the time necessary to carry out the tests.
  • Payment for the tests must take place before the results are delivered, by bank transfer to the institution indicated from time to time on the invoice. The amount of VAT and stamp duty, if necessary, are the responsibility of the Customer.
  • The results of the tests will be communicated only to the Client through a test report, without comments or interpretations, unless otherwise agreed between the parties. The test reports will normally be sent to the Client by email.
  • The material to be tested is and remains the property of the Client. Remnants of evidence will normally be eliminated; it can remain available to the Client only if expressly declared at the time of requesting evidence.
  • In this case, the Client will have to proceed with the collection of the material at its own expense within 30 days. from the issue of the test report. The material stored at M.et Lab and not subjected to testing due to lack of provisions or payment by the Client, will be eliminated after 60 days of delivery and the costs of elimination will be charged to the Client by means of a regular invoice.
  • Tests not indicated in the tariff, experimentation on samples of exceptional dimensions, studies, research, tests with a high degree of repetition and the related reports will involve responsibilities and expenses to be established from time to time.
  • If the client does not pay the economic burdens deriving from the request to carry out the tests within 3 months of carrying out the tests, the M.et Lab. Manager reserves the right to carry out debt collection action with the support of a legal office /of debt collection
Feasible Technical Tests
Cost in Euros
Measurement of the moisture content of raw materials using a thermobalance.


Measurement of the size of raw materials using digital and manual calipers.
Measurement of the carbonate content present in a raw material using a Pizzarelli Calcimeter.
Grinding of raw materials, ceramic bodies and more using an alumina laboratory jar.
Grinding of raw materials, ceramic bodies, and more using a laboratory hammer mill.
Grinding of raw materials, ceramic bodies, and more using a laboratory peg mill.
Pressing of 30x80 mm specimens using a laboratory press.
Extrusion of specimens of different sizes using an extruder.
Drying of laboratory specimens using a dryer
Cooking of laboratory specimens using an electric laboratory oven.
Measurement of linear shrinkage via digital or manual caliper.
Measurement of the tensile strength (MOR) of raw, dried and fired specimens.
Measurement of water absorption of specimens.
Microscopic observation using an optical microscope.
Measurement of the expansion coefficient using a contact dilatometer.
Granulometric analysis of raw materials using manual screens with different lights.
Mohs hardness measurement via comparison kit
Disposal of residual tests and/or excess samples.

NB: This price list refers to a single test or to the treatment of a maximum of 5 kg of material

Confidentiality of data relating to laboratory tests

With the following regulation, the Management of the M.et.Lab intends to recall the rules of conduct that the current legislative and contractual regulations impose on the workers:


Briefly, please note that:

  • The CCNL of METALWORKING Small and Medium Industry, in art. 22, in regulating the duties of the parties, expressly provides that the worker must "maintain absolute secrecy regarding the interests of the company; not to profit, to the detriment of the entrepreneur, from what is the object of his functions in the company, nor to carry out activities contrary to the interests of company production".
  • The Civil Code in art. 2105, in introducing the obligation of loyalty towards the employer, provides that the worker cannot disclose information regarding the organization and production methods, or use it in a way that is prejudicial to the company. In particular, the worker cannot disclose information relating to the company when external knowledge of it could constitute a detriment to the employer.
  • RD 1127/1939 in art. 6-bis, in regulating the matter of industrial patents, establishes that the disclosure of secret corporate and commercial information to third parties constitutes an act of unfair competition.
  • The Penal Code in art. 623, in protecting industrial secrets, criminally sanctions the violation of the prohibition on revealing professional and scientific-industrial secrets.

In order to guarantee the protection and confidentiality of company know-how, we are providing, by way of example and not exhaustively, a list of the same:

• machinery, tools and equipment produced in the company; • projects, drawings, patents and anything else created or otherwise used in the company; • company costs and information (accounting, financial, production and personnel-related); • advertising and marketing documents, including any references to our company's customers and suppliers; • technical and IT knowledge prepared and/or used in the company.

  • machinery, tools and equipment produced in the company;
  • projects, drawings, patents and anything else created or used in the company;
  • company costs and information (accounting, financial, production and personnel-related);
  • advertising and marketing documents, including any references to our company's customers and suppliers;
  • technical and IT knowledge prepared and/or used in the company.

Having said all this, in consideration of the tasks carried out by SV during the employment relationship with the undersigned laboratory, we invite you to promptly comply with the above-mentioned obligations for the entire duration of the employment relationship and following its termination.

We are certain that all of the above will be held in the utmost consideration by you, in the spirit of effective collaboration.

Bonvicini Maurizio


For further information regarding costs and methods, or to view other documentation such as references or ongoing projects, please contact the M.et.Lab Manager Mr. Maurizio Bonvicini at mbonvicini@ms-plants.it



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