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An evening event to celebrate fifty years of activity.

The Grand Hotel in Rimini as setting, the Tecnargilla trade fair of Rimini as an occasion to meet with customers, co-operators and all those that have made Manfredini & Schianchi a leading manufacturer of technology for the preparation of raw material over the past 50 years.

«The Grand Hotel, with its renowned history and tradition, enters into relation with our company that over the past half-century and in its own small way – says Alessandro Manfredini – has managed to assert itself on international markets».

Fifty years of company activity, fifty years of success: «We started working on certain techniques during the Seventies. We have improved them, taking account of the need to reduce costs and environmental impact. We have worked to build machines in the service of tiles and not the other way round. So, here we are.

When people remind me that fifty years have passed since we founded the company, I remember what our parents used to say: half a century is just a “duck’s yawn”. Umberto Manfredini, who founded the Sassuolo-based company along with Gianfranco Schianchi, says this in the local dialect (al sbàdac d’un nader) and exaggerates deliberately, because folk wisdom, by comparing fifty years of history to a duck yawning , does not do justice to the route taken by a company that now plays a leading international role in the field of ceramics.

The international scope of the company was also confirmed during the event in Rimini by the presence of many foreign manufacturers «that are now our market – says Fabio Schianchi, administrative manager of the group – Nowadays, Italy is not giving us much.

On the other hand, foreign countries, especially emerging ones, are rewarding our company and this is something we experience year by year ».

Concern for the environment, innovation and an extensive network abroad are the chapters of a story of excellence, which began in the Italian ceramic district, expanded and changed with it and with the international production panorama.

«This event rightly celebrates what has been done up to now and is a point from which we can start looking ahead», says Stefano Schianchi, sales manager of Manfredini & Schianchi, that continues its evolution starting from the benchmarks that have always distinguished the company.

«Sustainability and Energy saving: we have always believed in these principles – says Daniele Schianchi, production manager – and today our technology is obtaining great results in terms of sales turnover and presence on the market.

We have never believed that wet milling could have or should have become a trump card for the future: this was our conviction even when energy costs were not as high as they are now. We still believe this today, as leading manufacturers of dry technology».

The result is a sound and dynamic company, which looks forward but does not forget its past. «Times have changed drastically since the company was founded fifty years ago: the market has changed and, with the market, the perspectives», says Stefano Schianchi.

Fabio Schianchi, administrative manager of the Sassuolo-based company, reminds us that the fifty-year winning post is also a great responsibility. «We must pick up the baton from our parents and allow the company to grow.

This also applies to what I consider as a dream in which we must keep on believing. Markets and customers appreciate our export vocation and our technology and we notice this every year. Ten years ago we celebrated forty years of activity of a company that had a certain scope. Ten years later, we are celebrating a company that has doubled its size and we have never stopped growing.

This goes to show how we were not wrong. The next celebration? The next fifty years of activity. Why not? Our children may be there and we will be older but that’s how things go: the important matter is to keep our parents’ dream alive since we have the duty to keep on believing in it».









Al Maha



Ce.Per.SA (CERAMICOS PERUANOS S.A.), company of the Grupo Ladrillos Piramide based in the industrial district of Carabayllo, leading manufacturer for over 38 years of face bricks, roof bricks and 'blocos', has chosen Manfredini & Schianchi for its dry raw material preparation technology.

The supply will include two MAXI-P.I.G. Hammer Mills and eight MS/10/265-BRUMS-EVO screens. MAXI-P.I.G. mills have been chosen for their capacity to mill any type of ceramic material, with sizes up to 90 mm.

New generation pneumatic screens with BRUMS heads have been chosen since they have an output that is 30% higher than that of conventional screens with electromechanical heads.

The system has a total production of capacity of 100 tons/h of particles with a size of 1.5 mm. Thanks to the combined action of the MAXI.P.I.G. mills and the MS screens, the Peruvian company has eliminated all impure calcium carbonate particles that could be found in the previously produced extruded products.

Quality of the product, in terms of resistance, has been improved and the production output of kilns increased.

ladrillos piramide



Gol Ceram

Manfredini & Schianchi srl has completed the supply of a MOLOMAX pendular mill that will drastically improve the preparation of raw materials, by means of “Drytech” technology, for the production of roof bricks, bricks and wall tiles for exterior use. The new system has been installed for the Iranian company TAZAMONI MERIKHIPOUR & CO, located near the city of Isfahan.

The system will have a capacity of 25 tons/hour and will be used for the production of a ceramic body composed of a blend of clays especially elaborated by the customer and the M&S technological centre.

The system supplied by M&S features a MOLOMAX MS-6/230-AIR Pendular Mill complete with Filter featuring a capacity of 70,000 Nm3. The MOLOMAX can handle clay with a moisture content of up to 10% and with an incoming size up to 30 mm.

The outgoing product has 95% of particles smaller than 0.2 mm. Thanks to this investment, Tazamoni Merichipour & Co has become a reference point in Iran in terms of technological and economical innovation and in the field of top quality extruded products with great aesthetic prestige and added value.


Usak Seramik SAN AS is a very important Turkish firm that has specialised in the production of top quality tiles with great added vale, and is based in the city of Usak.

The company has recently started the new system for dry preparation of raw materials, which will be used to obtain a daily output of 35,000 m2 of floor tile and single-firing, double-firing wall tile, with sizes up to 60x60.

Within the system manufactured by M&S, rough milling is performed by a P.I.G.HD mill whereas granulation takes place in the FORGIA MS38 granulator, namely the most widely used granulator in the field of ceramics that employs dry technology.

The most important part of this system is the new MOLOMAX 6/500 pendular mill that can produce up to 30 tons/hour of material with particle sizes smaller than 63 microns.

By means of this technology, the finished product has an extremely smooth surface, which is ideal for digital printing and the application of super-glossy glazes. Another essential advantage offered by the MOLOMAX 6/500 mill is its capability to mill raw materials with a high moisture content.

Thanks to MOLOMAX 6/500, the dry milling technique can also be used in countries where clay is particularly damp due to particular climatic conditions. MOLOMAX 6/500 was presented two years ago at the Tecnargilla trade fair in Rimini and has already won great appreciation thanks to its output and excellent milling capacity.

Usak Seramik



Gol Ceram

GOLCERAM Tile Company, one of the most important Iranian manufacturers of ceramic tile, has realised, in co-operation with M&S, a system for dry preparation of materials for red-body single-firing.

This system will exploit all the potential of M&S DRY-TECH technology; rough milling will be performed by a PIG-HD hammer mill that will feed a MOLOMAX 6/230-AIR pendular mill, to guarantee over 30 tons/h of top quality ceramic body. Body agglomeration will be entrusted to two FORGIA MS38 granulators.

The material produced will be fed to 2 lines for the production of 35,000 m2 per day. Along with the complete "turnkey" system supplied by M&S, all presses will be equipped with M&S rotary screens (patented technology) to guarantee ideal blending and perfect die filling.

In this case also, the composition of the ceramic body is the result of research conducted by the M&S technological laboratory. The money you can save by choosing M&S technology will allow you to recover your investment in one year.

Today, if one considers how the cost of electricity, gas and, above all, water has redoubled in this country over the past few years, dry technology is the only way to produce tiles at a low cost and with no environmental impact.

Thanks to this important achievement, M&S confirms itself as leading supplier of dry technology in Iran.


THAI CERAMIC Co, azienda leader nel mercato asiatico e facente parte del gruppo SIAM CEMENT GROUP, ovvero il secondo produttore al mondo di piastrelle in ceramica (fonte Ceramic World Review 06/2011), ha commissionato a Manfredini & Schianchi un impianto di preparazione a "secco" DRY TECH per la produzione di grès porcellanato smaltato.

Il cuore dell’impianto saranno i nuovi MULINI PENDOLARI MOLOMAX 6/230, grazie ai quali si possono ottenere tagli granulometrici estremamente fini (in questo caso residuo 0% >44 micron), alte produzioni e soprattutto la possibilità di utilizzare materie prime con alto tenore di umidità, cosa impossibile con sistemi di macinazione alternativi quali i mulini pista e rulli a compressione.

Con questa ulteriore commessa, MANFREDINI & SCHIANCHI si conferma essere sempre il punto di riferimento principale a livello mondiale nella preparazione impasti per via secca, tecnologia scelta dal gruppo Thai Ceramic in quanto in grado di garantire una forte riduzione dei costi a livello di consumi elettrici e termici, irrilevanti emissioni di CO2 nell'atmosfera e, in tal modo, potere conferire al prodotto finale il marchio di “Ceramica Eco-Friendly”.

Santa Julia Mexico


Molomax pendular mill 6/500

Only two years have passed since it was launched on the market, nonetheless the MOLOMAX 6-500 Pendular Mill has already become the reference point for dry milling technology.

Manfredini & Schianchi has installed several machines of this type in its dry milling systems (in Turkey, Iran, Mexico and Brazil) for pressed and extruded ceramic materials, with the following results:

  • Production output of up to 55 tons/h
  • Thermal efficiency: <500 kcal/lt (up to 12 humidity percentage points less)
  • Electrical consumption: <20 kW/ton.

Manfredini & Schianchi once again attests to its leadership in terms of number of references and customer satisfaction in the field of dry raw material preparation for ceramics.

This is the result of constant research and innovation as well as of the capability to “listen to” and “understand” the market and its need for functional and sustainable technology.


Ceramica Santa Julia, an important Mexican ceramic group based in the city of Puebla, has entrusted to Manfredini & Schianchi the refurbishing of its raw material preparation system and in particular the installation of a Dry-Tech dry preparation line.

The system supplied by M&S will replace the previous one, consisting of a vertical mill with roller track and gooseneck granulator, which are considered obsolete for the ceramic industry. Rough milling is performed by a P.I.G.-HD mill, which, during the pre-milling stage, can produce 60% of fine material that is ready for granulation and batching.

The most striking feature of this system is however the new MOLOMAX 6-500 pendular mill, which is capable of producing 35 tons/h at 150 mesh, with a power of 450 kW.

The Forgia MS/38/F granulator (the most commonly used granulating technology in the world in the field of “dry” body pressed ceramics), along with the rotary screens in the press feeding section, will enable Santa Julia de Mexico to manufacture single-fired floor tiles of large sizes at a high production rate with percentages of first grade product that exceed 95%.

Furthermore, this technology allows for saving 35% of raw material transformation costs with respect to the technology previously employed, namely a gooseneck granulator and a vertical mill with roller track.

Santa Julia Mexico



The important and historical manufacturer of bricks of Algeria, Groupe Bouras, has chosen M&S dry technology to increase its output and improve the quality of its products. In fact, over the next few months, two systems manufactured by M&S will be put into operation at the facilities of Setif. The two systems are equipped with the latest milling technology: Drytech-Heavy Clay.

The first system will produce bricks, blocks and hollow bricks of different sizes and dimensions. The system includes five MAXI-P.I.G.-HD mills, featuring a built-in heating system, and a set of high efficiency MS screens also with heating system. The production rate is approximately 40 tons/hour of raw material. The other system will be incorporated in the new line for the production of ventilated facades and trim pieces and will have a production output of 60 tons/day.

The system will include a P.I.G/A Hammer Mill and a MS-3/120 Pendular Mill. Management of the moistening stage will be entrusted to the MS2000 moistening system with automatic water supply control.

A system for reusing fired rejects and recycling them has also been envisaged: rejects will be milled by a SLAMMER mill, equipped with armour plating and with milling components that have a high resistance to wear.

By means of these investments, Groupe Bouras confirms itself as leading manufacturer in the Algerian brick market.


Kowsar Sepahan Brick an important Iranian manufacturer of top quality face bricks and trim pieces with a high aesthetic value, has decided to invest in M&S technology by purchasing the largest Pendular Mill ever manufactured by the Sassuolo-based company: the MOLOMAX MS-6/500.

This mill was presented last year at the Tecnargilla trade fair of Rimini and aroused a great success.

The machine has a height of 9.5 metres and a total weight of 50 tons; the 6 swing hammers have a diameter of 700 mm and a weight of 1.5 tons/each; the milling track has a diameter of 2500 mm and is driven by a 400 kW motor drive unit.

The MOLOMAX MS-6/500 Swing Hammer Mill has a production capacity of 50 tons/h and can produce particle sizes smaller than 0.350 mm. It can handle clay with a moisture content of up to 12%.

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