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Macinazione Carbone

In view of the continuous and inexorable increase in the costs of traditional energetic sources, it becomes even more strategic to find alternative solutions that permit the costs for the production of energy to be lowered.

Among the techniques and alternative materials, coal and petcoke are those mostly revalued at a World level.

Coal can be of original fossil, or extracted at mines, or it can be of a vegetable origin produced by the combustion of wood.
Petcoke is a product that is obtained by the condensation process of oil residues.

Mulino per macinazione carbone

To be able to use in a productive way such products which have the maximum combustive efficiency, the maximum energetic output and consequently the least pollution in terms of volatile dust emissions & sulphur ,the product must be milled to very fine particle sizes.

Plants and Machinery realized by M&S are perfectly suitable for the treatment of such raw materials on a particle size level as well as production level. .

Macinazione Carbone

The technological system proposed by M&S is the following:

  • Pre-drying stage:  This phase is necessary in cases where the raw materials rise above a certain humidity threshold (>9%).
  • Grinding/Micronization:  This occurs through one or more MOLOMAX mills which apart from milling to extremely fine particle sizes (<90micron) also supplies  further drying to the raw materials (phase that with humidity inferior to 9% makes the drying stage inside the mill itself not necessary).
  • Classification: by means of air separators capable of selecting the fine powders under the desired separation cut and reintroduce the rejected materials in to the grinding cycle. 
  • Storage
  • Feeding of burners


The characteristics are:

  • Entrance sizes up to 60 mm
  • Max thermal consumption: 600 kCal/l
  • Max electrical consumption: 22 kW/h per ton
  • Final particle size < 90 micron
  • Output humidity < 1 %
  • Production up to 20 t/h


Given the extremely fine nature of the powders obtained, the plant is completely hermetic, exempt from dust and the maximum release of dusts in the atmosphere is 10 mg/m3.

The plant is also completely automatic and can be managed by non-specialized personnel.

Macinazione Carbone

For installations that require limited encumbrance spaces, M&S has developed the COMPACT MOLOMAX Mill for productions of 1 t/h, particularly suitable for Customers with requirements of small & medium dimensions.

Macinazione Carbone

The M&S Technological Laboratory through the use of their own Pilot Plant are able carry out all the necessary tests to guarantee the correct plant dimensioning based on the material to be treated and the production requirement of the Customer.


The data shown is indicative and may vary without notice


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